Airtel 0.0# unlimited free browsing with psiphone

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Hello guys!!!! Today prologga is going to drop a browsing tip which you can you to browse unlimitedly in your phone using airtel.
This Airtel cheat is no longer new to some people here but for the sake of those who haven’t come across it. I advise you pay a close attention and follow my steps.
After a successful download then configure the following in your psiphon

   1.     Untick Remove Port
   2.      Proxy type: Real Host
   3.     Proxy server:
   4.     Real proxy type: Default

   5.     Save
   6.     Go to option
   7.     Under select region : choose JAPAN or UNITED STATES
   8.     Tick tunnel whole device
   9.     Go to more options
  10.Untick connect through an HTTP Proxy

Once you are done with that, then on your 3G network and watch your psiphone tunnel your device.
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Happy surfing

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