How to enable hibernate in windows 10

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Today am going to show you guys how to enable hibernate in windows 10. By now you guys must be aware that when you install a new windows (10) in your PC. The hibernating option isn’t activated. Why? Because it isn’t enabled yet. 

hibernate in win10

To get it activated :
1. Hold on to your windows key and press S on your keyboard 

2. Type power option

3. Choose what the power button does 

hibernate in win10

4. Select change settings that are currently unavailable 

hibernate in win10

5. Under shutdown settings 

6. Tick hibernate to show in power menu 

After that save your changes. 

hibernate in win10

You can try shutting down to see if your changes have been applied. 
This also  applies to windows 8 and 8.1 

 If you encounter any difficulty we are always here to help you solve it. 

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